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What product is best for YOU?

What product would be best for you! Edibles? Essential Oils? Smokeable? Topical? Tinctures? Herbs?


Looking for a way to benefit your lifestyle on a day-to-day basis and tackle struggles in an all- natural way? Try out some herbs. There is a variety of herbs that are used in many different ways like teas, tinctures, or even adding it into your food.


Dealing with dry skin, arthritis, joint pain, rosacea, eczema and more? A topical would be best you can apply it to wherever the issue is at, and it can help to ease whatever it is you’re dealing with


Are you experiencing a lot of pain, anxiety, or stress? A CBD or Delta 9, smokeable, edible, or an oil would be the best option. You can work to find what milligram would be best for you and manage that with your oils and edibles. While smokables help ease issues you may have on a day-to-day basis, not everyone prefers to smoke, so for those who do, the option of flowers, disposables, and carts would be a great choice!


If you’re looking for something to help uplift your mood, create productivity and motivation, along with other benefits, then an essential oil would be great for you!  One essential oil called Bergamot would be great for stress relief and to help liven up the room.

                                                                               Written By: Madison Brown 

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