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Valerian Root

Valerian Root 

What is Valerian Root?

Valerian Root is a herb that is from Europe and Asia. It has been used for medicinal purposes for ages dating back to ancient Greece and Rome.There are many benefits that come from using herbs. Some of the more known reasons are for insomnia, hot flashes, and anxiety.

Valerian has a sedative effect so if you are already taking sedative consult your doctor. It creates a sedative effect because it contains valerenic acid which is thought to act on your brian receptors for the chemical gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Which calms and slows down the brain. 

Along with the reasons listed above, Valerian Root may also help to ease the following:

  • Nervousness

  • Trembling

  • Headaches

  • Heart Palpitations

  • Stomach spasms

  • Epileptic Seizures

  • ADHD


Always consult your doctor about moving onto herbal remedies as some herbs interact with other medications. Valerian root may have interactions with:


  • Benzodiazepines, such as Xanax (alprazolam), Valium (diazepam), and Ativan (lorazepam)

  • Barbiturates and other central nervous system depressants, such as phenobarbital, morphine, and propofol

  • Saint-John’s-wort

  • Kava

  • Melatonin

Research came from :Valerian Root: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage (verywellhealth.com)

                                                   Written By: Madison Brown 

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