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Fall Spiced Clouds

Get ready for a bite of fall with every mouth full of these unique Fall Chai Spiced Clouds. These were created special for all of our allergy friendly and vegan customers. Don’t be discouraged by all those terms, no-one will ever know they are missing anything! You won’t want to wait, these cookies won’t disappoint! Super soft and delicate these cookies are made with all the right spices to make you think you were floating in the clouds!

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CBD Infused Shrimp Ceviche

This shrimp ceviche is traditionally an all time favorite for a quick appetizer or light meal. The Mt Joy Naturals kitchen has taken a step further and infused it with the awesome benefits of CBD! We don’t use just any CBD though; we make our own! That’s Right, we use a unique all-natural expeller press process that never introduces any alcohol or chemicals to cook off or degrade or cannabinoids!

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