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Marijuana Plant Anatomy 

There are many different parts of the marijuana plants. Each part does something or means something different. 

*Information is from Leafly.com* 


The seeds are produced by the female plant and carry both the male and female genetics. After the seed is germinated it will sprout and grow a taproot which is the main root that anchors the plant. 


The first leaves that will grow after germination are Cotyledon leaves. When you see this, it is a sign of your germination stage being successful. 


The roots are the lifeline of the cannabis plant, they pull the water and oxygen into the plant.


The main stalk of the plant is what helps to support and stabilize the plant and hold all the branches. 


The branches grow out of the main stem and support all the fan leaves and the buds that will grow. 


A node is the point where the branch grows off of the main stem or from one branch to another branch. This is where you’ll be able to determine a male plant from a female plant. 


The fan leaves are the large leaves of the cannabis plant, they help to capture the light that the plant needs.


Flowers which are also known as buds which are the “fruits of your labor”. They contain all of the many cannabinoids and terpenes that produce the high and offer many health benefits.


Cola which is also referred to as the “bud site” which is a cluster of buds that grow together. 


The Bract is what encapsulates the female’s reproductive parts. They are green tear shaped leaves that are covered in resin glands which produce the highest concentration of cannabinoids. The calyx refers to a translucent layer over the ovule at a flower’s base. 



The trichomes are the crystal resin on a cannabis bud. They ooze aromatic oils called terpenes as well as therapeutic cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

                                                                                   Written By:  Madison Brown 

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