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Cold & Cough Tea Blend

Our Cold and Cough Tea Blend is made of all-natural herbs that all work together to help aid with seasonal sickness. We picked each herb specially based on its benefits. The tea blend comprises mullein leaf, chamomile, elderberry, and echinacea. Each herb works together to benefit you!

Benefits of each herb:

Mullein Leaf- Mullein is known to have antitussive (cough-reducing) and expectorant (mucus-thinning) properties. Mullein also contains ursolic acid, a substance that some researchers believe could be used to prevent and treat COVID-19 infection.


Chamomile-Anecdotal evidence and some research suggest that consuming chamomile may help to support the immune system. Additionally, consuming warm beverages such as chamomile tea may help to relieve some of the symptoms of the common cold, such as a sore throat.

Elderberry-There are many reported benefits of elderberries. Not only are they nutritious, but they may also help address cold and flu symptoms, support heart health, and fight inflammation and infections, among other benefits. Black elderberry extracts and flower infusions have been shown to help reduce the severity and length of influenza.


Echinacea-it is best known as an over-the-counter herbal remedy for the common cold or flu. However, it’s also used to treat pain, inflammation, migraines, and other health issues. Echinacea is best known for its beneficial effects on the immune system. Numerous older studies have found that this plant may help your immune system combat infections and viruses, which could help you recover faster from illness (5Trusted Source, 6Trusted Source, 7Trusted Source). That’s one reason why echinacea is often used to prevent or treat the common cold.

In fact, one review found that echinacea could reduce the risk of developing an upper respiratory tract infection by 22%. However, researchers did not find any significant effect on the duration of illness

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