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When growing marijuana you can cultivate new plants by cloning a mother plant, to then end up with female plants. Cloning means to cut from an already growing plant in the vegetative state. It is a quick way to begin growing a garden of females. If the plant is free of molds or diseases then so will the clone. Along with if the original plant carries high levels of THC so will the clone. 

  • Growers usually clone when the plant is around 2 months into the vegetative stage. You’ll need a rooting medium and a rooting hormone. You will have to have a sterile environment for this process. When caring for the clone it is similar to a newborn plant.



  • With a razor you’ll take cuttings from the hardy, low branches close to the stem.

  • Trim the end of the leaves from the clone to improve nutrient and water uptake

  • Place cuttings in water immediately 

  • Apply rooting hormone to the tip of the clone

  • Insert your clone into the rooting medium of your choice

                                                                                                               Written By: Madison Brown 

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