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CBD and Chronic Pain

CBD can be used for a variety of things, one of the main uses being for chronic pain. CBD has natural healing properties and research suggests that cannabinoids, such as CBD, and the ECS (endocannabinoid receptor system), may play a role in many bodily processes, such as pain regulation. In a small study done back in 2018, seven people who had chronic pain after having kidney transplants evaluated CBD to see if it relieved any pain. Six out of the seven had reported improvements with the pain they were experiencing. CBD has also been reported to have anti-inflammatory properties that are shown to help ease struggles of arthritis and joint pain. Many people have came in and expressed how much CBD has benefited them and their health. CBD gives an all natural way to help with pain management.

Cbd helps with more things other than just pain, It can help ease symptoms of diabetes to anxiety and insomnia. 

CBD can be used in many forms, there are tinctures, oils, gummies, smokable products, and edibles as well. Using CBD works best when it is taken over a period of time. For example, say you are using an oil, people will take whatever milligram works best for them, and take it at least once a day, just like an average everyday supplement. Results will be shown best after about a month of consistent use. 



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