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Almond Protein Chocolate Chip Cookie

https://youtu.be/rlBJQQxJgrU Link for more information on Almond Protein Blend: Almond Protein Blend – Mt. Joy Naturals (mtjoynaturals.com) Ingredients:  – 1 1/8 all-purpose flour – 1 1/8 almond protein blend -1 tsp baking powder -1 tsp baking soda -1 tsp salt -12 tbsp softened butter -3/4 granulated sugar  -3/4 packed brown sugar -1 tsp vanilla extract -2 …

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Endocannabinoid System

Endocannabinoid System The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a complex cell-signaling system identified in the early 1990s by researchers exploring THC, a well-known cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are compounds found in cannabis. ECS plays a role in regulating a range of functions including sleep, mood, appetite, memory, reproduction, and fertility. Most people don’t know ECS exists and is …

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When growing marijuana you can cultivate new plants by cloning a mother plant, to then end up with female plants. Cloning means to cut from an already growing plant in the vegetative state. It is a quick way to begin growing a garden of females. If the plant is free of molds or diseases then …

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